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15 NOV - 1 MAR 2015

aPGALLERY officially opens its doors with an exhibition by Amadeo Gabino (1922-2004), an artist representative of the Spanish abstraction in the second half of the twentieth century.


Translucent Metals has been curated by aPGALLERY ´s team, led by architect and curator Marta Maíz, in close collaboration with the artist´s widow - Elke Stelling.


The exhibition brings together some of the artist´s most popular sculpture pieces alongside his most personal, yet unseen, graphic work and documentation. Drawings, collages, etchings, sculptures and models see the light for the first time ever, to shed light on the multidisciplinary nature of Gabino’s oeuvre, an artist essentially known as a sculptor.

Translucent metals
 Amadeo Gabino


galería de arte y paisaje

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